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This little brush is a detailing must!

A few years back, I was in the market for a new car. While the Corvette is my primary vehicle, I needed something with more cargo room. I must have been at a particular dealership for 3 hours test-driving one of every SUV they had. When I finally settled on the vehicle, I couldn’t decide on a color. The salesman helping me was beginning to lose his patience when he said, “Sit in the driver’s seat. Can you even tell what color the paint is from the inside?” I didn’t buy from that guy.

The point of this story is that it made me realize I do look at the inside of my vehicle more than the outside. If I’m that concerned about the outside of it, I should be twice as concerned about the inside. That’s why I started paying more attention to items designed for interior detailing. One such product is this Interior Concours Brush.

This wooden-handled brush is perfect for detailing on a small scale. The hog’s hair bristles are densely packed into a ¾” bundle. They are soft so you can easily press them into a crease or crevice and remove trapped dust and dirt. The turned wood handle is ergonomically designed and very comfortable to hold. The bristles are securely glued inside the 5 ¾” handle. A hole in the end allows you to hang the brush up when not in use, or you can tuck it away in your glove box.

Use the Interior Concours Brush to clean air vents, the stereo face, console, and anywhere else that dust and dirt becomes lodged.

Here’s a detailing tip: As your detailing brush accumulates dust, wipe the bristles on a microfiber towel to keep the dust from settling elsewhere in your vehicle.

You spend a lot of time inside your vehicle. Treat yourself to a clean interior with the Interior Concours Brush.