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Speed Master Notorious D.R.Y. - 2Pac

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Speed Master Notorious DRY - 2Pac
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Detailers, detailers, can't you see, these towels are hypnotizing!

Your drying jobs will be notorious with the Speed Master Notorious D.R.Y 2Pac Towel Kit. These large drying towels. These towels are super absorbent, made of an incredible 1,400 GSM. Best of all, you get two of them in two different sizes!

The Speed Master Notorious D.R.Y. Towel is one of the most absorbent microfiber towels out there, and is designed with an incredible 1,400 GSM. You read that right, 1400 GSM! That will easily soak up any and all water that it comes into contact with. Plus, it's size alone, ensures that it has plenty of capacity to store all of that moisture as well.

The Speed Master Notorious D.R.Y. Towel is made with a dual pile, twisted microfiber, meaning it's not only capable of handling any drying job, but it also won't cause any damage to your paint. Make sure that the Speed Master Notorious D.R.Y. Towel is part of your arsenal for any car washing job.

Many in the detailing world are rightfully scared of using microfiber towels to dry their cars. Historically, microfiber has been known for increasing the risk of wash-induced swirls due to the potential for the edges of the towel to scratch the surface. The Speed Master Notorious D.R.Y. Towel avoids the scratchy edge by avoiding the seam, creating a beneficial rolled edge!

Kit includes
1 20"x32" Speed Master The Notorious D.R.Y. Towel
1 26"x36" Speed Master The Notorious D.R.Y. Towel

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