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Short Handle Tire & Wheel Brush

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Short Handle Tire/Wheel Brush
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Lean, green, wheel cleaning machines!

No matter what your wheels are made of, you can get them clean with these high quality Tire & Wheel Brushes. Each brush is packed with hundreds of feathered bristles that gently release baked-on brake dust and grime from the wheel surface. Used with a premium wheel cleaner, the brushes will give you shiny, clean wheels every time! Both Tire & Wheel Brushes have chemical-resistant, 2 inch bristles mounted to heavy duty plastic handles. The short handled brush is 8.5 inches, to comfortable fit in the palm of your hand, but still do a great detailing job.

Both brushes have feathered bristles to clean any type of wheel without scratching. Use them on coated, painted or plated wheels. They work just as well on aluminum and stainless steel. This water-based cleaner releases road grime and brake dust, but it will not dull or corrode coated wheels. Spray the cleaner on the wet wheel and agitate with either Tire & Wheel Brush. Rinse well with running water. After you use the Tire & Wheel Brush, rinse it well and hang it up by the hole in the handle.

Improve the performance of any wheel cleaner by gently agitating the wheel surface with a top-quality Tire & Wheel Brush!

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