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Buffing Pad Kits

Buffing pads are one of the cornerstone products of automotive detailing because they are vital in the paint correction/paint polishing process. You cannot use a machine polisher to polish your paint without using the proper buffing pad. During the polishing process, buffing pads are put under a lot of pressure, friction, and strain. While pad manufacturers try there best to make buffing pads as resilient as possible without sacrificing performance, they will eventually wear down. As such, buffing pads must be replaced often to avoid inadequate results and paint damage. If you find yourself polishing paint frequently, you will need to have a huge stock of buffing pads that you will have to keep replacing often. Replacing your pads constantly can get pricey, so to help you cut some of that cost, we offer buffing pad kits that allow you to purchase your pads in bulk at a reduced price!

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